Empower Our Community Together! 

Our vibrant festivals and events, the heartbeats of the GRAPF community, are crafted and executed by dedicated volunteers.
Discover volunteer opportunities for all - your unique skills and passion are welcomed!

Join our dynamic team and be a catalyst for unforgettable experiences. Your contribution matters, and we'd love to welcome you on board! 

Have questions or are eager to get started? Reach out to Jill at jillbont@grapf.org

Let's create lasting memories together!

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

NOODLE FEST | MARCH 9, 2024 - Sign Up (CLOSED)

GRAPF FESTIVAL | JUNE 14-16, 2024 - Sign Up (OPEN)

GLOBAL WATER FEST | JULY 27-28, 2024 - Sign Up (Not Open)