Felix Balderry, Filipino American Civil War Veteran.            Felix Balderry was born in 1842 in the Philippines. At the age of sixteen, he joined the crew of an American merchant ship. When the ship's captain retired, Felix followed him back to his farm in Leonidas, Michigan. There he worked as a farmhand until enlisting in the 11th Michigan Volunteers on December 7, 1863.           On January 28th, 1864, Balderry joined the 11th at Rossville Georgia. A short while later, Balderry and the 11th took part in Atlanta Campaign under General William Tecumsah Sherman. During this campaign, Balderry fought in multiple battles, including the Battles of Resaca, New Hope Church, Peach Tree Creek and the Siege of Atlanta. Balderry returned to Michigan in September 1865.                In 1885, Balderry married Ada Barus. They welcomed their only child, Frank Cornelius Balderry, two years later, on March 10, 1887. Tragically, Balderry would not enjoy fatherhood for long. He passed away from tuberculosis on August 18, 1895.